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Twin Demon Slayers by Bryqu

Movement controls:
- Move with mouse, left-click to move. Left-click for melee attack (must be standing next to an enemy).
- Switch active character with tab.
- WASD moves the camera around.
- press and hold left alt to enter ranged mode, click on enemy to shoot them. Click on yourself to reload.
- press E to immediately end your turn.


The game is turn-based. You control two characters and your goal is to destroy a diamond present on the other side of the room.

The game ends if at least one of your player characters dies, or if you destroy the diamond.

If you have played the new XCom series, you should be familiar with the movement/attach approach that I used in the game. 

You have two pseudo-action points (APs) at your disposal each turn. You can use them to 
- move to a different tile (green range movement takes 1 AP, orange: 2 APs)
- perform a ranged attack (requires at least 1 AP, but always depletes APs pool completely)
- perform a melee attack  (does not require AP, but always depletes APs pool completely)

To be able to perform a melee attack with your sword, you must stand next to your enemy.

To be able to perform a ranged attack with your rifle, you must have a line of sight to the enemy.

If you are right next to a crate, and the crate is between you and enemy, the enemy only has 50% chance to hit you using their ranged attack.


twinDemonSlayers.zip 11 MB


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Seems to run fine under Wine

Thanks for that! I've updated the description then :)