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My name is Slawomir and I am developing "This is The End" game in my spare time, as a hobby project.

The game combines the squad-based strategy features of XCOM with survival elements; it is based in a steampunk + vermintide setting.

I am doing the development alone; I am working with a pixel artist who creates the graphics for the game.

I am aiming on creating a vertical slice of the game, which is focused on a single tactical mission. There's still a lot of stuff to do, but I am slowly making progress.

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Make sure to leave some comments/questions below - I will appreciate any kind of ineraction. Many thanks for all of your interest!

Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreStrategy, Survival
Made withUnity
TagsPixel Art, Steampunk
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksBlog, Twitter

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Hi, it looks great. Good pixel art and clean UI, promising. Good luck. !

Thanks for that! It really means a lot to me.