Devlog #136: Reflections on Next Fest

The most recent Next Fest was an incredible experience, and I found myself spending countless hours engrossed in various demos. Despite the time commitment, I have no regrets - it's clear that we are living in a golden age for gamers.

However, it's important to acknowledge that indie developers face unique challenges in this market, where competition is fierce and standing out is essential.

On a positive note, I'm thrilled to see that Shardpunk has gained some much-needed visibility, resulting in an increase in wishlists. Additionally, there have been several engaging discussions on Steam forums about the game. It's been incredibly rewarding to see the positive reception the demo has received thus far, as reflected in the demo surveys. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the game's current standing.

Anyway, as the release date approaches, my focus has shifted to polishing, playtesting, and addressing any technical issues that need to be resolved. It's a busy time, but also an exciting one, as I prepare to share the final product with you.

As a sneak peek, I've included a few new gameplay gifs from my latest playthrough for you to enjoy. I hope they provide a glimpse into the world of the game and get you as excited for its release as I am!

Take care!

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