Devlog #135: hand-holding tutorial

Different games have different entry levels. Some of them do not require much knowledge from a player, meaning that even a less-experienced person might play them with little to no introduction to game rules (think platformers, mobile stuff). These games are perfect for public showcases at, say, gaming expos, as you can basically get anyone to sit and insta-play it.

Shardpunk, on the other hand, needs some more introduction. I mean it's not a genre-defining title, but it does deviate from XCOM-like games. So it does need a tutorial - and one that guides the player through their initial actions, explaining the rules.

Long story short, I've added such a tutorial to Shardpunk.

It guides the player through the first few turns, teaching them the basics of combat, looting, and other useful stuff.

This rat shotgunner from tutorial should always relocate itself to the same place and reload its weapon.

After a few turns, the game opens up. And then there's another tutorial part when the player enters the shelter

Furthermore, I made sure that this tutorial (in a slightly changed form) is present in the new demo that I am working on - so you will be able to give it a spin in the nearest future!

Take care!


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Very excited to see this game progress. I remember seeing a post on r/indiedev I think from Imgur. It’s come SOO far along! Well done.

Thanks! Yeah, that was (well, still is) a long journey I went through. And I'm almost there!

You should be very proud of your work. There is a lot of love, passion, craft, and skill that went into. I have it marked down on my wishlist and I’ll be sure to pick it up when it’s ready. really excited.