Devlog #131: combat tactics, and more

The latest progress update on Shardpunk: I'm tweaking the in-game mechanics to improve the fun factor even more. Here's what I have for you in this entry:

UI changes

You can now access the tutorials - which have been rebranded as "Codex" - from the main game screen so that you don't have to open up the pause menu. The same happened to the unlocks screen.

Overwatch triggering indicator!

Yes! You will be able to see where the enemy overwatch reaction shots will get you.

Combat tactics

You will be able to discover combinations of actions during combat that will grant you special bonuses. I don't want to spoil them, so here's a screenshot of one of them being activated:

As you can see, this tactic is about performing two overwatch actions with characters who are standing next to each other. This grants you some accuracy boost. Things similar to these are hidden in the game, waiting to be uncovered (and then used frequently) by the player!

That's all for this entry. Take care! See you on the Discord server!

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