Devlog #108: the support automaton

Let's talk about the latest addition to the game, and (hopefully) the last major gameplay change that I've implemented: I've added new character types: automatons/bots.

Lore-wise, the Empire has recently managed to create a prototype of a new, bleeding-edge technology energy source that will allow humans to gain a significant advantage in their war against the vermin.

A few days prior to the surprise rat attack, the Empire's scientists have been able to install that new energy source in a machine - an automaton. Then the attack happened.

Your job as a player will be to make sure that this new energy source does not end up destroyed or get intercepted by the enemy - which basically means that the player's job is to make sure that the bot stays alive.

Now, the automatons are not defenseless. Depending on the type of automaton the player chooses at the start, it will be providing significant bonuses on the battlefield. The one that I have added to the game so far is a support unit. Its main ability is the "support mode" skill, which makes the automaton immobile, but generates a support aura that makes sure that player weapons do not gain heat when firing and increases their % to hit. Therefore, it works great when the player is setting up a defense spot somewhere on the map.

Other skills include the ability to taunt enemies in the area, forcing them to attack the automaton.

Also, the unit is equipped with a stun grenade, which does exactly what it says.

The automaton is able to heal on its own and can be healed in the shelter by other characters.

I believe that introduction of the automatons will add even more variety to the gameplay. The player will always be choosing one automaton type at the beginning of the game, and its type will significantly change the tactics. This means more fun - and as games are all about fun, I believe that's a step in a good direction!

That's all for this entry. Take care, and have a great weekend! And do join Shardpunk's Discord server!


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