Devlog #113: blowing up some stuff

Hi again!

Let's take a bigger look at these blue-ish caves that represent a new level type in the game.

As you progress through the map, certain events get unlocked that can make your life more miserable. For instance, enemies might become armored, or your squad could become more vulnerable to stress:

The player is able to counter some of these events by completing a special mission type, indicated by a rat head on the map:

This mission is optional; however, completing it removes one of the negative events for good.

Now, this mission type is about visiting a mine. Rats have dug underground tunnels (that's how they managed to attack the Capitol) and reached the surface through the mines.

Right now, the vermin are busy stealing crystal shards. They store them in big piles inside the mines. As you might know, these shards are carrying quite a punch, so they can be used to sabotage enemy progress.

The player can use a Fusion Core to light up the pile.

And again, if there's no Fusion Core available, an automaton has a skill that can be used for the same purpose. Still, the player will have to wait for a number of turns for the skill to work.

After that, the player has a limited number of turns to escape. The pile is getting more and more unstable.

If all goes well, the character ends up in the shelter, and one negative event gets removed.

That's all for today. Have a great weekend! And do join the Discord server!

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