Devlog #115: working on a new demo

Man, things really started to suck in this part of world. Yet again, my piece of advice regarding indie game development I gave on Reddit the other day ("there's never a good time to start - just go") has proven to be true.

There's war at the other side of the border; more than 1 million migrants from Ukraine have come to Poland so far, and basically everyone is involved in helping them, in one way or the other.

As if the pandemic was not enough. Damn.

In the midst of all that, I am working on preparing a new demo of Shardpunk. I can't say too much about the release date, but the fact is that the QA process has already started.

Besides that, I'm working on adding the third automaton type to the game - a combat unit. I'm gonna write more about it after it's done, and for now grab these gifs.

Take care everyone.

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