Devlog #118: New character type

I am aiming to have ten playable character types in Shardpunk, plus three different automaton types. I am proud to announce that another - the ninth one - has been added to the game.

This is Hector, and he is skilled in revolver shooting as well as in melee combat, using his blade.

Lore-wise, he is an Imperial political officer who has been caught in the middle of rat attack on the Capitol. Now he is helping to get the automaton to safety.

This character is the only one who has the "melee overwatch" skill, which allows him to attack enemies when they move through adjacent tiles. This might become useful when guarding narrow passes.

As you can see, the blade overwatch skill has multiple charges - so same as regular overwatch shots (which is related to the overwatch changes I wrote about in my previous entry). The more rat kills, the better the game gets, right?

Other than that, Hector can use his revolver and blade for regular attack, which makes him a pretty versatile warrior.

The fun thing about all these character classes, skills and enemy types is that I don't even know how many fun strategies/meta concepts will emerge in Shardpunk, and I love it. A game where the player tells their own story and which is replayable is something I would definitely like to play! I guess that's why I am still not bored when playing Shardpunk for a thousand time Wink

Take care!

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