Devlog #126: Side Gigs

Here I am, back with another update on Shardpunk's development progress.

In general, the work is going well. I am working on creating another build for another round of playtests. The previous round gave me LOTS of feedback that I was able to forge into actionable items, and I definitely want to repeat that.

To add some variety to the stuff the player can do, I've added more world interaction to the game. I tweaked the triggers/scripts code I've created for the tutorial level, which allowed me to use it for creating custom in-combat events.

Here's a minor custom event at the tutorial level - the character reaches a certain area which triggers a 'cutscene' in which they say something and receive stress points - which I then use as an excuse to show a tutorial about stress:

Here are the characters spotting a larger battle scene which can be investigated for extra rewards:

And here's the beginning of a quest about a bunch of civilians trapped in the sewers:

These special events are randomly added to a level, so they might vary between playthroughs.

That's it for this entry. If you want to make sure you don't miss out on the next round of playtests, do visit our Discord channel!

Take care!

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