Devlog #129: changing few rules

Hi! Here's a short list of recent gameplay changes that I've introduced to Shardpunk based on all the feedback I received:

Burst shots

Machine gun rats now can perform a "burst shot" action, which deals AOE damage. This will make them even more deadly!

Poison that... heals

Poison mortar rats can now target their allies, which will apply healing effects to them:

That lead to a nice "feature", when the poison mortar rats were healing themselves:

And despite it looking funny, I actually removed that self-healing behaviour from the game as it was too annoying.

Stun grenades!

Grenades can now be used in an alternative way - if the player purchases a certain team skill, the characters can use them in stun mode. This will make the combat even more interesting.

I believe that Shardpunk is shaping up nicely, and I can't wait to finally release it! Take care!

Oh yeah, and don't forget about the Discord server!

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