Targeting and flaking mechanism

Targeting and flanking mechanics

The tactical combat part of the game is all about positioning your characters in a way that gives them the best % to hit and which will prevent them from being flanked.

Flanked enemies are displayed in yellow:

Enemies behind cover (which could be either light or full) are displayed in red:

I tried to copy the flanking mechanics from xcom, however it turned out it is not that straightforward. That is because depending on the type of cover, a character can target more places. Basically a character behind a large cover can "lean" from the corner, whilst a character simply ducking behind a crate cannot lean out at all.
Here's a graphical explanation someone did for original xcom:

Right now the targeting/flanking seems to be working fairly OK, and I am not planning to alter it in any major way.

Of course the targeting system allows the player to choose which target they would like to shoot at:

That's it for today - take care!

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