Overwatch mechanism

The idea is simple - a character can spend their action on entering an "overwatch" mode. During that mode, if an enemy moves within the line of sight of such character, the character will get a free reaction shot.

Such shot is occupied with an aim penalty, to avoid situations in which the players would stop actively pursuing flanking and always use overwatch.

Anyway, implementation of this scenario has proven to be a challenge, due to the way I was treating character movement animations: previously I assumed that character movement operation is atomic - meaning that nothing can interrupt it.

With the overwatch mechanics kicking in, in turned out that not only movement can be interrupted, but the character being moved might actually end up killed. As a result I had to tweak the movement and attack calculation logic a little.

Long story short, I managed to get the overwatch mechanics to work, and characters are able to take reaction shots now:

Above is the standard scenario for using overwatch action: you flank the enemy to flush them, and then toggle the overwatch to hit them in their turn.
Of course in this example I could fire immediately with my first character after I moved to the flanking position.

Usage of overwatch will have to be incorporated into one of possible AI behaviors, but that is something for the future to work on.

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