Movement range display

Hello again! This week I am bringing you the revamped character movement range display:

Movement in green area allows the user to perform an action after the move; moving into red area prevents executing any other actions.

Now, I will be sure whether such way of presenting stuff is readable after I will have the "real" floor and wall images - because only then I will be able to see how they blend in with the colors.

Additionally, I've added few more AI changes to the basic rat grunt enemy - it now has only a single crossbow shot available, and then relies on its melee attack. Also, as it will come in large numbers, it is quite easy to kill - so it has only a single HP.

Rat grunt performing its melee attack.

The best part about being overwhelmed by multiple enemies is of course being able to perform some kind of area of effect attack. Even though I do not have a separate animation prepared for this, the mechanics are all there - so it is possible to cause damage on more than one enemy at a time.

Rogue character performing the "ground slam" attack. This attack type will be later on assigned to another character type.

I have now started working on the next major feature, which is the loot system in general. However, due to a holiday break, I am pretty sure that the next big update will come no sooner than in three weeks.

And for the time being enjoy the gifs and be well!

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