More loot

OK, I know you guys love gifs and screenshots! Smiley So let's make the introduction short this time.

I was finalizing the inventory/loot features. Here goes:

Clicking the inventory item drops it into the ground. Then all dropped items can be grabbed again, using a free action.

When an enemy dies, they might drop loot that can be picked up.

There are "loot points" (next to crates, desks, etc.) being generated on the map, that allow the player to search through them; player might find stuff there.

Player who carries too much stuff gets overburdened, meaning that they cannot move.

I do need to change the loot indicator on the map, but that will become a thing after the graphics for the tiles will be ready - and that is what Kurt is working on at the moment.

And as for next week plans, I want to work on some technical stuff, including moving pieces of gameplay logic configuration to external files.

And yeah, I believe that I need to find a proper name for the game as well. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with something good Smiley

That's it for now though, take care!

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