Configuration, % to hit

It's time for the weekly update. I did some code work to make sure that more data is being stored in external files.

"Player1" and "Player2" type names are remnants of the original "Twin Demon Slayers" game. These will be replaced with class names soon.

Besides from that, I was hoping for Kurt to deliver first tile graphics so that I could finally get rid of the placeholders. That sadly didn't happen, so I focused on extending the game rules so that I can start introducing differerent character types.

I tweaked the calculation mechanism for % to hit. Each action has a base to hit chance, which can then be altered using a dynamic list of modifiers, like:
* Distance from the target (each attack has a range),
* Cover type (or flanking),
* Built-in defense stat of each character.

All this information is being visualized on the HUD:

I actually checked whether the game logic code, which I try to keep flexible would allow me to play as rat characters... and it worked Smiley

And whilst I was playing with this mode, I figured out that overwatch reaction shots get triggered even if the enemy is outside the weapon range, which always guarantees a miss.

Well, introducing new features always creates new bugs. That's just how it works, right? :)

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