Critical hits

Welcome, screenshot lovers! Here's some new stuff depicting the things I was working on this week:

I now have critical hits available. Player can see the crit chance for each attack type. A critical hit, obviously, increases the damage output.

With the character defence weapon, range, damage and crit chance features implemented, I was able to introduce new character classes:
- Ranger (a playable character), with no melee attack, but with a long-range rifle attack
- Rat Shooter (enemy character); also with no melee attack (so only a ranged one), it is also more tougher.

I have no graphics for these new characters yet (Kurt still busy with creating the tiles), so I simply applied some colors on the existing models to easily distinguish them.

The original Rogue character is now red. Note the weapon range difference for each character.

Remember when I was writing about enemy pods/spawn points? Well, I've customized them more. Each pod has a level. Each level can spawn different types of enemies, and that can be customized in an xml file:

Based on the configuration, the same pod can yield different enemy types:

Also, last but not least - I've changed the loot indicator icon. It will surely be altered in the end (but first we need to see how it will be looking on "real" tiles), but it is surely better than the old one:

That's all for now. I consider changing from weekly updates to more chaotic (and more frequent) ones - so expect me updating this thread as soon as I have something new to show.

And new thing *are* coming, for sure - I am busy working on implementing throwing actions, which includes using grenades and destructible terrain! What a time to be alive!

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