Survivor names

OK, so I had to make sure that the player will feel a bond between the playable Survivors (as that's how I will call playable characters from now on).
The best way is to make sure that Survivors are not expendable - losing one should be a big hit to the player. I will make sure that the game mechanics take care of that.

However, there is nothing better in making things personal than giving names to characters - therefore, each Survivor now has a name, which is being generated from a set of possible names.

The name is displayed in the HUD, along with the Survivor's class name. What is more, the surname is displayed for a little while at the top of the character after the player switches to that Survivor:

(also, do notice these visual elements like posters and litter; these are being added randomly upon level generation)

The names are random, but are unique during the gameplay to avoid confusion. Some example names:

(and yeah, these are all female names; male names will come when I get the graphics for the Ranger class)

Also, I made sure that the "names" (well, classes really) of enemies are displayed as well. You do want to know who you're shooting at! (of course different enemy types will have different graphics in the end)

That's it for today; take care, and stay tuned for more!

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