Lights and healing


I am currently doing some travelling so didn't have that much time, but:
- I've added a healing action, that requires (and uses) a medkit
- I've started to experiment with lightning.

Here's a gif showing these two things combined:

Dealing with the lightning was not that straightforward. Standard Unity shaders were not working properly when a sprite was being flipped along its X axis (which is often the case). I tried using Light2D library, but it turned out that it cannot handle overlapping light sources correctly (they were becoming too bright).

Luckily, I found a shader that fixed the problem with overlap.

Currently the only light sources are the characters (including enemies). I have all the code ready to handle other sources as well. Maybe some flickering lights from lamps? We'll see - right now I have to go back to the mechanics. Next major thing will be about increasing the pace of the game, by including frequent enemy reinforcements. We'll see how it goes.

Take care!

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