New character classes

OK, so I've made some alterations and new stuff in character classes to the game.

(sad spoiller alert: I am still on a single character model, so all classes are using the same visual representation. I will start adding new character models when I complete the list of required character animations, which kinda keeps on growing)

The first available class was the Rogue. Kinda melee-oriented character. Then I introduced the Ranger - so a sniper class. His weapon has longer range, deals more damage, but is only really effective in long range.

I needed a tank-like character class to make the gameplay more diverse. So I've added the Mechanic. That character has an out-of-the-box armor point available, which reduces the damage taken. Also, I moved the "ground slam" attack from the Rouge to Mechanic - after all, Mechanic will be wielding a hammer-like heavy gun - so it will be possible to use it both in melee and ranged.

The gun is not that accurate though - however, it is shredding armor of enemies.

Mechanic (using Rogue's model, with a darker color) taking damage, which is being reduced thanks to armor.

Right now I am spending more and more time playtesting through the stuff I already have, tweaking the character stats to make the gameplay fun. Having that third character type did help in that, as it introduced more depth to tactical desicions.

All in all, the progress is good. Still a lot needs to be done to finish something that I could wrap up and release as a tech demo, but I am getting there. Thing is that I haven't been that far in any of my previous game projects, so that is already a big personal achievement! Smiley

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