Character traits

Character traits and quirks

Finally! I have started implementing mechanics that will make the game closer to Darkest Dungeon vibe; these are, of course, character traits.

Side note: XCOM did introduce traits in the War of The Chosen expansion as well, so this feature is obiously not exclusive to Darkest Dungeon.

Traits will come in two flavours: passive and active. Passive traits are granting some static bonuses/penalties. For instance, the "Hungry" trait reduces hit probability:

(note that trait icons are missing)


Active traits can activate themselves if certain conditions are met. Characters with "Cowardly" trait have a chance to panic when enemies appear.

It turned out that implementing the panic mechanism was quite a challenge! Panicked character runs in a random direction and then hunkers down. And this happens automatically, meaning that the player cannot control this. What is more, during the panic move, a character might trigger a reaction fire or reveal another enemy pod. All of this made me to redesign the core gameplay/animations loop - but it was worth it.

One might ask how a character acquires their traits? Well, that's a very good question! Some of them will be assigned randomly during character creation; other will appear after some in-game actions or decisions; for example "Hungry" trait will be applied if, obviously, the character will not get their food rations. But that's another story for another time.

For now grab some gifs:

What's next?

There's still much to do in the traits system. I am planning to add positive traits as well, granting some bonuses for the character (e.g. allowing them to perform an extra action).

I also have some new ideas on how to change the hit points display for characters, but I have to try them out first to see whether it looks good.

Thanks for reading!

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