Devlog #47: In-game menus

Ugh, this was a tough week and I didn't manage to spend a lot of time on the game. However, I do have some new stuff to show!

Some sounds for the soldier character class have been created. I still don't have all the animations ready, so I will get back to doing audio stuff after they're done.

Obviously this gif does not have any sound, but you can see that - thanks to the armor - melee rats have a hard time attacking the soldier.

Besides that, I worked on introducing a settings menu that is reachable in both main game menu and during gameplay. That required some extra coding, but here's the result:


There are just three sliders present: for the sound, music and brightness. I guess this is enough for now. Well, I believe I will add a 'skip tutorial messages' flag as well and will actually be persisting these settings data in an external file.

You can see that the UI for the settings is actually pretty simple. I am not a fan of complex UI, and I especially dislike popup windows. Therefore, I've also reworked the tutorial messages as well:

The old approach:

tutorial old

And the new one:

tutorial new

What's next?

Due to another small holiday break, I won't really have spare time to push with game development. I plan to finish the game settings feature and fix some bugs/usability issues, but that would have to wait for an extra week.

Thanks for reading!

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Take care!

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